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People spend 2.6 hours and receive 120 emails per day. Growing 4% yearly.

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Email grows. New accounts. More newsletters. Data leaks and spam.Sorting gives you actionable insights. Unsubscribe what you don't need. Automate the rest.So your inbound email volume stays healthy.

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A decluttered inbox helps you- save time
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Is this secure and privacy-friendly?Email Zen has no email servers. It all happens on your device and the server of your email provider. Email Zen uses the open source email library MailCore that other apps like Airmail and Spark also use.Privacy PolicyWhat email providers can I use?All email accounts with IMAP support work. Gmail and accounts with two factor authentication need an app specific password. Write me, if you have any issues.Notes on Gmail
Gmail requires an app specific password and two factor authentication. Please don't use your normal password or you'll get a warning.
Sign in with Google requires a Google security audit. Google charges 15-75.000 $ for it. For indie developers this isn't practical.Generating an app specific password.
Activating two factor authentication.
Can I keep using my other email apps?Yes. In fact Email Zen is not a full email client. It's dedicated for decluttering your inbox. Not more, not less.Why did you make this?I prefer my inbox clean. For me less is more whether that's emails, travel luggage or things I own. Existing email apps work well for normal stuff, but not for focused sorting.So I made Email Zen for decluttering my inbox. And yours.

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SummaryHey! I like that you check out the privacy policy before trying a product. Privacy matters.I use Email Zen myself and I don't want others to see my emails or other private data.That's why Email Zen is designed with a focus on privacy.Your personal data is stored only on the servers of your email provider, your device and on iCloud, if you use iCloud backups.Email Zen uses the open source email library MailCore that other apps like Airmail and Spark also use.You can always ask me, if you have questions.Collection of personal dataPersonal data saved only on your device keychain:- E-Mail address
- Password
Email Zen saves some email metadata in a local database on your device for some features. This includes:- Email IDs
- Email subject
- Email sender
- Send date
- Action (delete, archive, etc)
- Email account address
This information is not send to any servers and stays on the device.No personal data is stored or processed outside of your device and your email provider. Email Zen does not provide, host or maintain any email servers.You might provide data during customer support. I try to keep the required data for this at a minimum.External services used by Email ZenIf the user is sending or receiving emails to the email is processed by Zoho.Zoho Privacy for this websiteThis website is created and hosted with (referral link) Privacy PolicyiCloud Backups (optional)If the user is using iCloud Backups, the data can be also saved on iCloud.Apple Privacy Policy

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Keep it simple with one archive folder. Or sort emails to Newsletters, Paper Trail and To Do. It works with all your email folders.